[Wix] How to use accents in the name of application or shortcut ?

December 19th, 2011 | Posted by Tom in .NET | Article | Wix | Read: 1,646

Wix is a very good tool to create Windows Installers used to deployed applications. You can use it to deploy files, create shortcuts, add registry keys, etc.

By default, you’ll get an error if you try to use accents in your Wix file (Product.wxs):


This is mostly true for European languages (such as French) but this can happened for other languages. The error is displayed in the “Error List” of Visual Studio:


Indeed, by default, the codepage for your current project is 1252 but the language attribute is 1033, which correspond to English. And, in English, there are no accent. So, in order to correct the error, you need to change the Language property to something compatible (1036 is for French for example):


If you recompile your project, you’ll notice that there are no longer any errors !


Happy coding!

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