(WinRT) How to detect if a key modifier is pressed ?

October 13th, 2015 | Posted by Tom in .NET | Article | WinRT | Read: 3,790

For an application I’m working on, I needed to be able to detect if some modifiers (Control key, Alt key, Shift key, etc.) are pressed. In fact, it’s pretty simple to do, thanks to the GetKeyState method:

var shiftState = CoreWindow.GetForCurrentThread().GetKeyState(VirtualKey.Shift);
var controlState = CoreWindow.GetForCurrentThread().GetKeyState(VirtualKey.Control);

if ((shiftState & CoreVirtualKeyStates.Down) == CoreVirtualKeyStates.Down && (controlState & CoreVirtualKeyStates.Down) == CoreVirtualKeyStates.Down)

And now, you’ll be able to now if user has pressed the shift key AND the control key Winking smile


Happy coding!

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