Annoncing the Behaviors Toolkit for Xamarin!

February 2nd, 2016 | Posted by Tom in .NET | Xamarin | Read: 3,983

Since some days, I’ve started to work on a new project that, I hope, will help any Xamarin developers to improve their productivity.

Indeed, I’m very happy to announce that since today, the Behaviors Toolkit for Xamarin is now available !


What is it?

Currently in version 0.0.1, and as explained on the Github page, the Behaviors Toolkit for Xamarin is an easy-to-use means of adding common and reusable interactivity to your Xamarin applications with minimal code.

Why I’ve started to work on it?

Because I’m a lazy developer (or, at least, I’m a developer that like to reuse code) :)

Since I’ve been working on XAML applications, I’ve always enjoyed the behaviors feature which allow me to easily reuse the same feature on different controls. I’ve always thought it could be a good idea to get this in Xamarin apps because regardless the technology used: the needs are (often) the same.

Where to get it?

The source and documentation/code samples can be found in the Github repository:

If you want to access the package directly, you can get it from Nuget:

Want to share ideas/bugs?

I strongly encourage you to share your ideas and the bugs you’ve found. I’m always listening to goods ideas!

I also accept pulls requests that might be interesting so don’t hesitate to discuss about it too:


The project is still in its early stage but feel free to contact me on Twitter (@thomas_lebrun) to discuss about it!


Thanks and happy (Xamarin) coding!

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