The videos of the sessions I’ve animated during the last TechDays 2012 in Paris, France have been published and are now available:

  1. MVVM de A à Z
  2. WPF 4.5: Quoi de neuf pour les développeurs ?

The last session (“Améliorez votre productivité XAML en entreprise”) has not been published but I’ll update my post as soon as  you’ll be able to see it.


Happy coding!

As I’ve explained before, I’ll be presenting 3 sessions during the next TechDays in France.

One of the session is entitled “Améliorer votre productivité XAML en entreprise” and we are currently working on it. If you plan to attend to our session (or to TechDays), we want to learn from you: we give you the opportunity to let us know what you want to see in the session !

If you have any particular needs or if you have some subjects that you want to see covered in the session, let me know (in a comment) and we’ll try do our best !

Thanks and don’t forget: if you plan to come in TechDays 2012, feel free to come to see me.


Happy coding!

Next month (7, 8 and 9 February), Microsoft France will organize the most important IT event of the year in the country: the Microsoft TechDays 2012 !

During the event, I’ll be presenting 3 sessions:

  1. WPF 4.5 : Quoi de neuf pour les développeurs ? (RDA105)
  2. MVVM de A à Z (RDA106)
  3. Améliorer votre productivité XAML en entreprise ! (RDA201)

If you are in Paris and attending the event, feel free to come to meet me and talk about WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and other XAML stuff !


See you there!